Welcome To JustCakeIt!


I am Crystal A. Dunn, owner of JustCakeIt! (formerly Alyssa's Heavenly Sweets). I am here to make it happen for you and all of your confectionery needs.

Baking is an absolute passion for me.
Birthed out of the grief and sadness I suffered after the loss of my daughter (Alyssa) in 2012, this creative venture emerged in one of my life's most difficult seasons. With the love of my God, and the strength of my family, I was able to wield those melancholy  moments into a highly-successful baking company- one that caters to a vast and dynamic array of ideas and possibilities.

As ironic as it may seem, the idea of baking was never one that I contemplated. With no prior knowledge or experience in the field, I was hand-picked for the craft.
To say this journey has been a "piece of cake" would be the furthest thing from the truth.

When it comes to my products, I consider my culinary style to be a flavorful fusion of classic baking styles, merged with modern, and sometimes, whimsical themes inspired by the lives and imaginations of my clients.

At JustCakeit!, we are strong advocates of love and we are crazy enough to believe that "love" is at the core of each and every item requested from us. We do our very best to make sure that your love (and ours) is felt with our products... just as intended.

Do yourself a flavor...



JustCakeIt! is here to make your day, the best day ever! We do our best to accommodate  all of your needs and exceed your expectations. At our bakery, we value what's most important and we guarantee the following:

  • Use of fresh products
  • Orders fulfilled as requested
  • Orders ready on time
  • Beautiful &  delicious products