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Candied Apples

Candied Apples

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Our candied apples are made with Crisp Granny Smith Apples and served in batches of 12.

Traditional Red- A true carnival treat taken to the next level! Elevate a classic treat to something spectacular with a touch of color and custom decor. 

Custom Color- Opaque and vibrant in color! These are not your traditional “clear” red candied apples.  Decorative paper straws accent all colored apples. 

Fondant Topper - Candied apples are colored apples with fondant decor. Our fondant apples are covered in the color of your choice with handmade fondant decor for a stunning display on any occasion. Price may increase for very detailed designs.

Glam Glitter - Candied apples covered with edible, sparkly glitter. Available in a variety of colors. Metallic Paper Straws included, available in silver and gold. You can request that your metallic straws are a color different from that of your apples. This allows for more variation and the ability to match your decor. 

Picture Perfect - Our custom candied appless are turned picture-perfect with made-to-order icing images as the perfect way to add a company logo, theme, or a personal message for the perfect customized treat.  If a specific is required, please email the JPEG or PNG file to us at after your purchase in complete. Please include your name and order number.

Embossed/Stamped- custom candied apples are accented with an embossed/stamped  fondant topper to jazz things up even more..

Common word choice options: Hello Gorgeous, I Love You, Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl, Sweet 16, 50, Sixty, Congrats, You Did It!, Happy Anniversary, Bride to Be,  Groom, Mr & Mrs, Thank You, Best Mom Ever, Mother Like No Other, On Your Confirmation Day. 

This collection grows often. Please let us know if a different text is need and we will do our best to accommodate.

Metallic - Candied apples covered with a metallic finish. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold.  Metallic Paper Straws included, available in silver and gold. 

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