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Custom Cupcakes

Custom Cupcakes

There are so many decorations to choose from! Freshly baked for each order! One flavor per dozen.

Custom Buttercream- combines a variety of icing techniques onto each cupcake

Picture Perfect - Our classic cupcakes are turned picture-perfect with made-to-order icing images as the perfect way to add a company logo, theme, or a personal message for the perfect customized treat.  If a specific is required, please email the JPEG or PNG file to us at after your purchase in complete. Please include your name and order number.

Embossed/Stamped-  Our embossed cupcakes are created using stamps to imprint words and short messages. Often combined with our signature gold or silver paint.

Examples: Hello Gorgeous, I Love You, Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl, Sweet 16, 50, Sixty, Congrats, You Did It!, Happy Anniversary, Bride to Be,  Groom, Mr & Mrs, Thank You, Best Mom Ever, Mother Like No Other, On Your Confirmation Day, Initials.

Acrylic Topper- Our cupcakes with acrylic toppers include personalized designs (1-2 word) made with from acrylics. This design offer a very modern appeal. Examples include: name, age and etc. 6 cupcakes (1/2 dozen) will include acrylic toppers.

Fondant Topper - Our fondant topper cupcakes are created using fondant to create stunning designs to take any party theme to the next level. There are so many decorations to choose from.Price may increase for very detailed toppers.


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